Moobs – Top Causes

Buy GynexinGynecomastia is painless, but still unsightly ailment of excessive breasts tissue enlargement.
Unless you visit your doctor, it is many times hard to say whether you suffer from it or you are just over weight. Also, it is possible to affect one or both breasts. There are many causes that a male could have enlarged breasts, but the fact is that most of the time the cause is not known.

Teenage life

Even though this sickness is pretty uncommon before the age of thirty, puberty can lead to its development in earlier years. During puberty a huge hormonal adjustments are taking place in the human body. These can trigger the unnatural breast cells enlargement. Gynexin
Gynecomastia developed during puberty doesn’t have to be specifically dealt with most of the time as it goes away by its own. Usually within 1-3 years.

Medidal and Illegal Drugs

In addition to all the minor mentioned causes, there are still several more possibilities including leukemia, hemophilia, leprosy, Klinefelter’s syndrome, Gilbert’s syndrome, and the use of some prescription drugs, as stated, and also the use of some illegal drugs including marijuana, anabolic steroids, and heroin. Doctors never rule out the possibility that the underlying cause could just be something as simple as a bad diet and lack of exercise, especially if the patient is overweight.


Some common body alterations during puberty or aging process could be behind the condition as well. Also it can be triggered at birth. Also there is plenty of drugs that list moobs as an unwanted side-effect. Therefore, you should always read the booklet attached to the pills you take. Primary and secondary Hypogonadism could be a cause as well.

Primary Hypogonadism could include trauma, infection, twisted testicles, radiation, chemotherapy, or the mumps. Secondary Hypogonadism is much more complicated and can contain many dysfunctions.
Gynecomastia can also be a result of by tumors, systemic, including Adrenal, Cirrhosis, or Thyrotoxicosis.

Hormone Imbalances

Much investigations has been done on Gynecomastia and many think that in a good majority of the cases the real cause is an altered androgen/estrogen ratio that changes the elements in the breast tissue. The overproduction or the totally opposite, lower production of androgen and estrogen can be a reason for moobs development.

Congenital Disorder

Further, it could be a result of a congenital disorder or could also be caused from a number of other reasons such as alcoholism, chest wall trauma, cystic fibrosis, herpes zoster infection, HIV, Myotonic Dystrophy, obesity, psychological stress, spinal cord injury or refeeding after malnutrition.

Not much ofther, but Idiopathic could be cause as well. Doctors and professionals like to make every attempt to discover the exact cause of Gynecomastia because it could make a major difference in the form of treatment.

The only intention of this short summary was to give a better idea of moobs causes. There are some causes you can’t do anything about them, but you can have an influence on some of them. If some drug booklet states that it can lead to moobs, just change it for another one without this side-effect. Buy Gynexin